BizTalk 2009 RFID Process Cycling Issue

I was working on an RFID POC and noticed that my RFID Provider and RFID Process were cycling on a regular basis.  After a few e-mail messages and some research, turns out the issue is due to IIS recycling the process.  The solution is a simply web.config setting change for each affected provider / process.


If you have logging set to a level where the log files are being updated often or you have a large number of logging statements in your provider or event handler IIS will think it should cycle the process in order to pickup file chances.

You can determine if this is the problem by looking at the shutdowns log file for your provider or your process log file.  The log files are located in the provider and process folders.  If you are looking at the provider shutdowns log file and have this issue, you will see an error stating;

ApplicationShutDownReason = ChangeInGlobalAsax



The solution to the problem is fairly simple.  You can either 1) turn off or reduce logging for the provider / process or 2) you can make a modification to the web.config file in the respective provider / process folder.

While turning off logging isn’t the best solution, it is a great way to quickly test if you have this problem and implement a temporarily fix until you can modify the web.config files.

To fix the solution by modifying the web.config file, you will need to add an httpRunTime element to the system.web section as follows;

    <!– other config information –>
    <!– other config information –>

Essentially this tells IIS not to cycle the process.

Special thanks to Kranthi Kumar Mannem, one of the software development engineers working on BizTalk RFID who helped me solve this problem.

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