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Deploying DSC scripts with ARM Templates – Tips

My initial goal was to have an end to end CI process where I develop and tested my ARM templates in Visual Studio. Then check them in, build them, and finally release them to Azure. I specifically wanted to maintain

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Accessing VSTS Test Case Parameters from Test Automation

Manual testing is great, but takes time and may not be as repeatable as you want. Eventually, some of your manual tests will be automated (Hopefully). TFS(Team Foundation Server) and VSTS(Visual Studio Team Services) both allow you to associate automation

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IE Enhanced Security Error Calling VSTS Rest API – PSA

I have been calling the VSTS REST APIs successfully, then all of a sudden, everything starts breaking. Looking at the response, I am getting HTML instead of JSON. Taking a closer look at the HTML, I find the following text;

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Deploy and Test Windows Apps with VSTS Release

A customer wanted to see UI automation testing from a Team Services Build/Release process. They were specifically interested in seeing how we would test windows client applications. Simple enough. I decided to leverage Azure Dev/Test labs for my environment, built

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Zero to Azure PaaS in 45min

I put this together as a workshop a little while ago. Basically, you will learn how to setup an Azure App Service Website, Create a new Team Services Project, Create a new Website in Visual Studio, and leverage Team Services

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Webcast: Testing Web Services with TFS

I will be delivering a one hour session this Friday focusing on testing web services.  In the session I will create a Web Performance test for a service, create an automated build for the service, and configure automated deployment and

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What’s New in Dev11 & TFS11 Webcast

I finally found some time to post a webcast I delivered a little while ago showcasing some of the new features in Dev11 and TFS11.  I do some quick demos of Storyboarding, Agile Project Management, Code Clone, Code Review, Feedback

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